My age was 18 when I first realized the internet is also a source of incoming! but my kid will understand the same thing before he even a teenager. Most of my generation tech guys are a self-learned person and I’m no different. It took me almost 3 years just to understand what to do here and what is bad if I want to stay here for a long time. Now time is different, as I can see a lot of kids here learning coding, government step forward to spread the online facility, more trained freelancer coming in online and it’s good for all of us. Just after India (24%), Bangladesh is now the 2nd largest (16%) freelancers provider.

Why so many Asian taking Freelancing as a Profession?

Well, there are several reason people here taking freelancing as a profession, in my opinion:

  1. Capital – besides skills and a computer with internet you don’t need any other capital to start a freelancing career. That’s the key attraction point. Every business always demands 2 things, risk and capital. Here most people don’t get enough resources to start a business and they don’t like too much risk. According to the United States Census Bureau, more than 20 million Americans have own business and the reason is clear, as a developed country they have plenty of resources to get capital for business plus a big market. Starting a business in Asia is much complicated and high risky too. So, as usual, most people want to follow the easy road, that’s freelancing.
  2. Lack of Job opportunity – every year hundred thousands of students are graduating but how many of them are getting a job? In India unemployment rate is around 5% (2017) which was 9.4% in 2011, Bangladesh has 5.10% (2016), if we compare it with the USA, they have 4.3%. But there is another reason, from my personal experience I found a lot of persons who don’t want to take a 9-5 routine job!.  All of these people are coming to freelancing world and a lot of persons do both jobs and freelancing!.
  3. Money – I put it at 3 but it should stay at number one. How much a freelancer can earn each month? Well, there is no way to say the exact amount, it depends on many facts. Some top freelancers earn more than 5000$ each month but the number is not that high. Based on my experience, an average freelancer income should be at least 650~750$. This is more than average job salary, in Bangladesh which is ~350$, India also ~300$. That’s why freelancing here is a lucrative profession.

Living as a Freelancer?

Living as a Freelancer

Living as a Freelancer/P.C -Pixabay

Is Freelancing enough for the living? I say, if you are a good Freelancer then yes. In this part, you don’t need more than 400$ for a decent living. Besides, you are not going to do 24/7 freelancing. A lot of freelancers established a business using his/her freelancing income and I think this can be very good for your future. You have to prepare a plan for long-term living. Save your some income and start some other Business, it’s always wise to keep some backup roads. Creating a Blog or eCommerce Site also good idea

Conclusion: More trained person from Asia taking freelancing as a profession and they will do better than the current generation. Freelancing is a 5 billion dollar market, according to Forbes, almost 35% of USA workforce covered by freelancers and it’ll increase every year. Asian freelancers will be a big part of this market.

RI Razu

My name is RI Razu, I founded RI Digital Research where we help individuals, small businesses or sometimes big companies to boost their sales, get new customers and do market research. Beside handling my company works, I also write here regularly.

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